Today I am going talk to you about the biggest mistakes that we see people making with their real estate investments. Okay, and this is from over 200 calls we have had with diaspora in the past three, four months. It really is straight from the horse’s mouth! You guys, when it comes to real estate, we are doing so many things wrong. We also then wonder why aren’t we getting results? We wonder why aren’t we making the progress that we thought we should be making by now? So the reason we discovered is that, look, there are a couple of things. Well, a couple more than a couple of things we’re doing wrong – you were doing wrong when it comes to your real estate investment. And I’m here to talk about them today because you know what I’m all about keeping it real. I’m all about telling you guys like it is from the experience we’ve had with our own investments and with those of the people that we’re working with every single day. These are the things that we’re discovering and I’m going to be talking about the top three mistakes that we actually have discovered over the past three, four months as I mentioned above, the idea is that I want you to use these to help kind of evaluate where you, yourself are with regards to your real estate investments. Are you actually on track? Are you using the right bank or are you still kind of wandering about. Hey, you never know, you actually might be doing the completely wrong thing and have no idea because I always wonder why is it that when we get started with our real estate investments, we’ve got to just jump right in. Like, is there really anything? Anything else that we really just jump right in? I mean think about it for your career. You spend ages preparing for it. You’re basically preparing for your career with anything that you do or did in post high school, isn’t it? Basically, you know, you’re doing your diploma or your graduate degree or postgraduate degree in preparation for your career. So we literally spent almost four to six years just preparing for the career that we set out to engage in. But when it comes to real estate, we’re not spending as much time or effort in it. You know, you’re not investing your time, investing your money. I mean, I’m just going to ask you right now, think about how much you actually have spent in your education. Think about it right now. How much have you spent in your education, preparing you for your career? I would hazard a guess that it is nothing less than at least $100,000. Dollars. Well, it might be that also, you know, you probably be joined in a public school, maybe you didn’t have so much school fees to pay. So maybe in some countries it might be that it’s closer to probably like $10,000 just over the time that you were staying. Then count your lodging county of food and board, county or you know, school fees that you paid in there, you spent a lot of time and you know what, most people are going to have a lot more from their real estate investments and they will ever earn from Beccaria is guys. This is just the truth of the matter. We will earn much more from our real estate investments than we ever will earn from our career, it is just the nature of real estate investment. So why aren’t we spending enough time in it? Right? So I’m kind of touching on one of the things that we actually normally encounter. I might maybe get into a few low cost investments, you know, and then I’m just going to wait and see, you know, so either you waiting and seeing when you’re inside the investment or you’re waiting and seeing when you’re outside of the investment. Both of these are just not the way to do it. I mean, given the people who see something useful, see a particular, the people who see, hold on. So adopting the wait and see approach is what we’re saying right, you can do this in one of two ways. You’re going to, you’re finding, you’re looking around looking at real estate, potential, real estate investments and then you’re like, okay, this seems a little bit out of reach for me right now. I’m going to wait and see. Or maybe you say that one seems a little bit to, you know, insert whatever adjective you want to use. I’m going to wait and see. So you to just sit aside and you kind of wait and see, you know, wait and see approach. It’s not gonna help you one little bit because guess what’s going to happen with real estate, it will always accrue in value. If you want to get into it, you need to get into it now.

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