Meet Jacqueline Tsuma

An entrepreneurial sharp shooter with digital marketing, communication and training skills, Jacqueline has helped entrepreneurs located around the world build their investments and businesses in Africa. In addition to coaching and training enterprenuers and local businesses, and provided outsourced services to help them grow,  she has worked with large international development organizations to help them leverage the most current marketing and social media strategies to reach their target markets.

She knows what works and what doesn’t.

Jacqueline has captured the strategies of successfully growing your business in Africa and will help you with yours. She lives in Harare, Zimbabwe with her husband and 2 children.


Is Your Real Estate/Local Business Making You Enough?

I work with:


Companies, large and small, all over the world, Africa-focused and local companies looking to scale their digital outreach through the cutting-edge strategy, outsourced manpower and efficient implementation of my team. Learn more

Individuals looking to build their financial freedom through intelligent and leveraged investments, starting where they are to build to 6 to 7-figure cash flowing investments without ever needing to own any of it. Learn more

Innovators and futuristic thinkers seeking to build their brands through exposure to the right networks at the right time. Learn more


Institutions seeking to inspire and motivate their workforce, wards, students, members, through speaking engagements worldwide. Learn more