#5 The Daily: Speak To Everyone And You Will Speak To No One

#5 The Daily: Speak To Everyone And You Will Speak To No One

Jacqueline Tsuma

And we’re going to get going. Hi, everybody, it’s Jack, it’s over here and so good to have you on today. Let’s talk about how thieves don’t give. Hey, it’s a story I read, and I’m just going to repeat it for you here. I mean, this thing, that small town was having trouble with his collections. OK, so one Sunday, he announced from the pulpit before we pass the collection plate, I would like to request that the person who stole brother the chicken from brother Haviv, please refrain from giving any money to God because God doesn’t want money from a thief.

The collection plate was passed around, and for the first time in months, everybody gave talk about being super specific. I mean, today I want us to talk about how when you talk to everyone, you speak to no one. And when you speak specifically to people, that’s when you connect them. And, you know, this is a thing we all assume and it’s human nature. We all assume that, you know, when you’re general, as a person who wants to target clients, as a person who wants to you know bring people into your practice, that when you speak to everyone, you’re going to get more clients.

If we feel that being general, generic as opposed to specific helps us to get more people. But, you know, this is the truth, you guys. The truth is that being specific actually helps us to connect more to people. Right. Rather than being general. We think that it helps us to connect to more people. Well, being specific helps us to connect more to people, to those that actually need us. You know, if you come to think about it, the minute that, you know, when you when you have a problem and you’re searching for a solution, imagine put yourself in the client shoes.

You know, we have a very specific problem. You know what I mean? Um, I think when we first arrived in this country and we were looking for a place to stay, for example, um. We’ve been in covid broke out and we’re looking for online shopping opportunities, and so when we got when I got an ads in my in my feed that tool that said, hey, guess what, free online shop. I mean, online shopping, uh, delivery to any location.

I click, click through the eye and I quickly signed up and I’ve been a free for customer since then. You know, one of the supermarket chains here was offering that. And because those super specific. Right. I mean, about who they wanted to service, what service it was they were offering, um, if you’re someone who talked about this only a couple of days back, but it’s something that I really want to just emphasize even more like in this world where we’re full, there’s so many things happening around us, so many things vying for our attention.

As human beings, we have this thing that stops us from feeling overwhelmed, our brains automatically switch off, ok. Our brains switch off and just put aside the things that do not actually make an impact, do not concern us of the things that are not relevant to us. So you can imagine, is there more volume once more? That is very interesting. I see I’m going to add the volume and see if you can actually hear better, let me know if that’s any better.

OK, I’ve tried to add it a bit, but thanks. Thanks for letting me know about the volume. So the more that we the more specific that we are, the better that people are able to listen to us and hear us, OK? The more that people are able to recognize themselves in what we’re seeing ok? In this today’s system is going to be a really short one to teach this. It’s something that I have still no volume. That is very interesting.

What is going on with this? Uh. OK, well, let me know in case you guys are having a problem to hear me, because, you know, oh, tell me if you do hear me OK.

Now, uh, I think I seem to be getting a problem with volume for today for some reason, but let’s just keep going. I experienced that they. You know, I might have to repost this again later on, but thank you. Thank you, Patrick. Thank you for some for letting me know. Uh, yes. So when you experience this issue or I mean, when you experience this in your business, in whatever you do in your private practice, you realize how effective it is to just call people out specifically to tell them, you know what?

One example for me is when I talk about real estate, I actually speak with people who desire to, um, you know, invest and on the specific markets I speak to is diaspora investors, OK? People like me who live abroad and they want to invest back in their home country. And because of that specific targeting of the people that work with me, always know the kind of thing that I offer. And it has been one of the best performing outreaches that I’ve ever done in terms of reaching out to this type of people ok.

So it’s just I’m just the tip to you guys. Great. Thanks so much for letting me know that you can hear me. Is this a tip to you guys? I trust that you will be able to apply this wherever you and your business think specific, OK? Rather than thinking of parents, think parents with teens rather than thinking of, you know, elderly people think elderly people who worked in financial management for their careers, their whole lives, you know, rather than think, you know, what does it all sorts of different ways that you can actually specify your audience.

And guess what? How will you know? You know, best you know, the people you work with, you know, the people you get results don’t look too far. Look at yourself as a person that represents who your audience is. You represent your audience in a way, especially with the problem you sold for yourself. And now you help you solve it for your audience. OK, if you if you already have existing clientele, just look at that list of Chantelle and find out figure out who’s the person that gets the best results from working with you and just, you know, up that up so that this is a short time jacket to my business coach and investment coach just reaching out to you guys to let you know.

You know, if you’d like to talk more about how to grow your business, how to also make real estate investments at work, reach out to me. I’m going to put a link on the description and we’ll see you again next time. Over and out.