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Is it worth it? Ask yourself what it's costing you not to do anything about it, and there you'll have your answer.


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Meet Mwihaki Kahiga, Property Management Consultant and Motivational Speaker


She overcame her blocks

That made her feel she couldn’t sell her services


She crafted her killer offer

Based on her selling points and her target market


She reached her market

She knows her market and how to sell to them and is excited at the success she’s already seeing.


She stopped sitting on her gifts

And fully embraced that the worlds need to hear what she has to say


She discovered a whole new world

That showed her that she can package and sell her expertise


She developed a new mindset

Now she knows that she can boldly sell to those she is reaching.

Meet Laura Mautsa, Youth Leadership Director, IALF, Africa

Meet Adhiambo Omolo, Upcoming Productivity Coach


She realised her unique contribution

That she knew that others will gain a lot from


She crafted her killer offer, market and message

Based on her selling points and her target market


She reached her market

She is reaching her market and is excited to be on track to the business of her dreams.

What You Get

Here’s where frustration ends and succes starts.

Actionable steps to stop mark-timing and start succeeding.

We’ll go in-depth to create the exact steps that you need to move your business from point A to point B, where it will start earning you an income or double it in the next 30 days.


Hands-on consulting

You’ll leave with the exact steps you need to take. I will analyze your model, consult on your needs, and advise on strategic actions that you need to take. 

Start doing the things that will help you grow your business and STOP doing the things that don't

These are 20% of actions that you need to be doing to get you 80% of your results. AND the 80% of things you should STOP doing that are only contributing 20% to your results. Because let’s face it, we are so busy being busy, and not actually making sales. 

Clear strategic action plan.

On the session, I will help you develop an action plan that is customized to your needs. This session is for you it you are tired of mark-timing and want to get results TODAY.

My hourly rates are normally $300 but you get a session today for $197 off, so it’s $300 $97. This is only available for you if you book now. The minute you leave this page, the price goes back to the original price. So book today to avoid disappointment.

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What Others Are Saying

Don’t just take my word for it, or do. Either way, here’s what other people have felt about working with me.

Jackie gave me listening ears. She was very patient with me and I was able to pour out my thoughts without feeling or sounding stupid about the challenges I am experiencing in my contract cleaning and pest control business. It was so easy to connect with her. A few days before the call, I had wanted to cancel because I kept wondering what we’ll be discussing for a straight 45 minutes and became jittery knowing I would be talking to a total stranger. The VIP business breakthrough phone session lasted for 45 minutes. My take homes from our session together were HUGE. Thank you, Jackie for giving. I am running straight-away to put these tips into action

Motunrayo Obajimi, Owner, Albatre Moi Services, Port-Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria

“It came just in the nick of time and the offer was amazing!”

“Having recently started a page on social media for our business, I found the engagement on a digital platform really enhanced our customer service and was a great way to answer queries raised by clients. The set up and roll out was so easy, it was almost too good to be true! This is what SMEs like mine need to help with our digital visibility. Now we exude this professional aura that is only attracting more customers to our thriving business!”

Charles Macharia,CEO, Macrence Pharmacy

This was refreshing! Jackie has an absolute gift at what she does – she was able to draw me out to talk about what I know and what I am facing. It was definitely something I needed and I look forward to working with her more.

Shalom Govero, Admin Manager, Mustard Seed Consulting

About Jacqueline Tsuma

Creator of Get  Online, Get Known

I have grown my businesses to multiple five figures in under 15 months and help entrepreneurs do the same.

I have worked as a digital and knowledge management consultant for over 15 years mainly for large international organisations like the United Nations, and now for online businesses.

I’ve worked in training, digital and web strategy and have a passion for helping people find out their potential and realize it.  If you work with me, one thing is for certain, you will learn how to use your strengths for your online business and make your weaknesses opportunities (yes, you can bet we’ll do at least one personality test!).

I’m taking the best of what I’ve learnt over the years, and I am giving it you with my mastermind.

“Jacqueline’s is an ambitious digital strategist who has lent her talent in creating the Kenya Diaspora Network. In her recent Diaspora Webinar I had the pleasure to share my experiences and projects to her audience which was an honor and hope to continue being part of future events.”

Mike Kaniu,Director, Entrepreneur, Investor and Seasoned Business Executive. Passionate about Real Estate, Technology and Sales!

“Jackie is a pleasure to work with. She is a hard worker, talented, reliable, friendly and espouses a cooperative and goal-oriented attitude.”

Elena Facchini, Principle Health Consultant at Crown Agents

“I had a great time with Jacquee. I felt very comfortable, as if talking to a friend. She created a warm environment and I felt comfortable enough to talk about some of the things I feel need to be dealt with. She asked the right questions, made constructive comments and suggested great tools.”

Tendai Karonga, Media Personality

How it works

1. Select a time and make payment

2. Fill in the pre-session form

3. We meet and explode your business!

Frequently asked questions from our customers

For those questions you wish you could ask me

Does this work for product-based businesses?

Yes it does. You’ll have a very specific and diferent strategy, but you will have a strategy nonetheless.

Will I get additional support after the session?

There are a range of programs I run that will provide the exact level of support that you may feel you need, yours to choose from. I can tell you more about them at the end of our time together.

Are there refunds?

No, unfortunately there are no refunds. If you cannot make it at the time you selected, we can reschedule upto to twice, as long as this is done 24 hours in advance.

Can this work for a business in Africa?

Yes! I have grown my business in Africa and I appreciate the very unique context. I will help you learn to make the best of the environment that you find yourself in.

You owe it to yourself and your business to take this step today.

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