Your Way Out of Working Too Hard To Get Results!

Your Way Out of Working Too Hard To Get Results!

Almost 89% of heart attacks occur on Mondays because a lot of people are going to work, to do things that don’t motivate them, that don’t psyche them up, that doesn’t really excite them. Therefore it’s important to talk about how to be motivated.

Jacqueline Tsuma on how to be motivated

In my experience, the best way to be motivated daily at work is to have a life purpose for which your work fits into.

Feelings are visitors, and so when you think of the upcoming new week and you are dreading it, or feel as though you’re constantly trying to get things done without much success, this feeling is normal. It is a phase and it happens to everyone.

At this point motivation is a need because Monday should not be a day when we are like: “Aargh, woe me, going to work in a job/business I dislike.” This means you should not be draining your mental/physical strength to get work done but yearn for the excitement that comes with working a job or owning a business that gives the dopamine rush when it is time to work and get something done.

Striving is common to all, although well-doing African female entrepreneurs believe that business or work does not have to be a daily struggle. I relate with this because for a time my business was in a phase of being pushed daily with great effort to get mere results, such that, within two-three years into my business I reached rock bottom that I had to ask myself why I kept doing it. It was a great reminder that that wasn’t it! 

You may want to make a difference or some money, and everyone feels this way, but there exist upsides and downsides to stressing yourself: the output of a great product, attainment of a feat, the depression of not reaching a height, and the pain of never being recognized for hard work. If you are mostly pushing all the time in order to attain or achieve without even resting, it is not great at all. For jobs/businesses can be simple, enjoyable, fun and without stress, especially when it is something that you love, motivates you and gives that dopamine rush when you think of it.

Your preliminary motive for working so hard is foundational to how you ever get into this twist. Personally, I was chasing money rather than the purpose or impact that I or the business could have on people. And so, whenever the money was absent, I came down crashing till I hit rock bottom. Yours could be chasing recognition or belonging or security.

There will come relief, through a redefining moment that occurs when it will no longer be about how much you could have made or what can be attained, rather it will be about the impact that you or the business would have on the lives of people. This way, your businesses will become an effortless activity to look forward to doing and can be done without any challenge. This is not unique to anyone and can be true for you. For I never guessed or imagined there would ever exist a day I could sit, do live streams daily, be good with it and keep it going.

You can get to this bliss state too! A place of business that is effortless: when you have the right kind of help, know the right strategy, have connected with your purpose, your belief, your faith and have become mindful of what God has put you on this earth to achieve. 

Although giving up can be easy, to the point of throwing in the towel and saying, “I’m not going to do that anymore,” your personal life or job can feel like nonsense to you, so much that you feel worn out. Hence, being truly motivated means to be connected with your higher power, to know what it is that God has put you on this earth for and define what will keep you going every day. 

Reaching or sustaining your bliss state is possible when you are in a place of growth by means of learning daily and being able to express your true self without making any excuses. For this is what it means to live – to grow and change daily. Without this, it becomes hard, menial and dull work or just going through the motions. An activity that never motivates or inspires the soul. 

Nevertheless, your satisfaction will be secure, when you reconnect with your purpose, which depends on the tiniest detail that matter the most because life is too short for you not to have a family, share a memory with a loved one or do what you love most. So, wherever you spend the most time and put in your energy must be effortless and exciting. 

Lastly, a reality check-in:  How are you feeling about the type of day that you’re going to have tomorrow? How do you feeling about starting the day? Do you feel like it’s going to be a great day or do you feel the drudgery, the stress, is your body already tensing up? What are you going to do to make it change, to make a difference? What do you think that you could do to just really go back to that first love? What is it that is helping you connect with your purpose at the moment? What is it that can help you connect better?

If you want to have a chat, please reach out to me. It is Let’s get moving on the things that we know we are on this earth to achieve because time is running out. Have a great start to your week! 

#4: Purpose: My Purpose Pledge and Unlocking This Jet Fuel For Your Business

Let’s try this. Oh, good. Now I see the sun is up. Thank you so much for letting me. I think there was no sound. So let me start again. I hate Instagram. I was having a problem with sand on this side on my computer. So I’m going to start all over again with this. But I have a funny story that I was listening to the other day, and I want to share that with you guys that I read.

Actually, it’s a story that I read and this is how it goes. It’s about the power of purpose. And today I just want to talk about my purpose and what it is that you know I’ve found to be to really help when it comes to being its jet fuel for your business in that sense right.

The story goes that the loaded station wagon pulled into the only remaining campsite for children from the vehicle and began feverishly unloading gear and setting up the tent. The boys then rushed to gather firewood while the girls and their mother set up the camp stove and cooking utensils nearby. I just marveled at the, you know, the youngster Emmaville to the assets that there is some display of teamwork.

The father replied, I have a system. No one goes to the bathroom until the camp is set up. Talk about motivation. You know how it is after a long trip. And it’s like everybody’s going to the bathroom. You know, this is the part the purpose has in our lives. One thing that I have actually discovered of late is how I want to share with you guys.

My purpose today, by the way, is just some of the stories that I’ve been reading of late and some of the just the things that I’ve been learning on the show with me, because we all are purpose driven. I mean, think about it really, by the way, what is it that makes the difference between people who make an impact and those who don’t like?

Think of the names that you remember. You know, Mother Teresa, Wangari Maathai, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King. These are not people who are rich billionaires, you know, but there are people who gave of themselves from what they had. And it was truly amazing that the lives that they led had such an impact right.

So one thing that I’ve been learning, you know, we’ve been in the season as well of the Nobel Peace Prize and hearing about all these people nominated. But do you know there’s a lot of people that do not know this, that Nobel himself was the inventor of dynamite?

OK, and I also want to find his story. And really right now, he’s the inventor of dynamite. But when the story goes that his brother passed away and a French you know, newspaper mistakenly published his obituary rather than his brothers. And guess what it was titled is it the agent of the agent of death is dead right. And he was so appalled to discover that.

OK, so this is exactly what you know people thought of me because he invented dynamite. And it’s he realized he just decided that he wants to make a difference. He wants to do something different with his life. He wants to leave a different legacy. And he died eight months later. But really, what was it, eight years later? I had to confirm that. But he spent his remaining time, you know, putting together what we now know as the Nobel Peace Prize ok,

where he just bequeathed all his wealth to give in to this peace prize in order to help just the world promotion of peace.

You know, so it strikes me how we all want to leave a legacy. We all want to be remembered for something. We all want to, I mean, why is it that we wake up eight to five every day, go into work, whether then, of course, and then live. But we wake up eight to five every day. We’re going to work. We come back, we do the things that we normally do every single day. It’s, what, five days a week, four weeks a month, 12 months a year. It’s such an interesting thing. And I’m beginning to earn a living.

Why else do we do it? You know, even as all of us, everything we are God, we God has created us to desire purpose, to decide to make an impact, a desire to do something of meaning in the world that we live in. And one of the things that has really struck me, I don’t know, because I’ve seen this story going around. 

There’s a story that’s been going around of, um, well, you’ve probably seen it in the newspapers of Charles Femi Ok, Charles Feeney. He’s the founder, co-founder, one of the partners of the I believe it’s called the duty free shoppers rights. Network that, you know, raised or rather had revenues in the billions over his lifetime. And he himself, as a paper that was worth, has been worth obviously over eight billion. And what he has done in his lifetime is give away all his wealth.

He’s a tale now, I must admit, when I watched this when I read this, I was tempted. I said badly, OK, so you’ve worked your whole life, you’ve worked hard, and you made it believe you work hard right. And then now you’re going to turn around and give it all away. It doesn’t make sense to me. Don’t get me wrong, I am. So for giving away our time, so we’re giving away oh, well, I spent my first three years as a career person in my career in giving away

my time, I was actually working in a ministry for those first three years working with young people.

Um, and, you know, it was just something about it that just felt amazing. You know, he has done this. He has given it away. Now, what about if we decided to give away

that well, just like he did here or not right.

Um, of course, as we are able to write. But what about if it wasn’t just the world we’re giving away? What about if it was our time? What about it was every single thing we did. We were giving it away. And this is what has been on my heart for months.

Just wow. You know what? There is more to life than this. And this is something that, um, it’s my purpose. I’m committing to just be able to do that in the businesses that I have is give, give, give, give of my time. Let me not wait until I’m on my deathbed, literally, you know, and encourage us to think about and think about that as well.

Why wait? I mean, just like investments, when you invest early, you make a return from what you’ve invested in because it’s that this is called compounding interest and then you start to give the more that you’re getting back in return. We don’t give up to get it’s outcome. It’s an output.

Oftentimes what we get back is that fulfillment is the purpose is actually there’s another thing I know that says he’s no fool who gives what he cannot keep to keep what he cannot lose

or actually who gives what he can do. Yeah, he’s no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose. It’s a rough paraphrase. Paraphrasing if you if you all know, just put it in the commit right.

But it’s a really inspiring quote for me. And it’s just something that, uh, you know, if it’s if in any way, shape or form, this is something that just motivates you and makes you feel that you love to give in that way. You’d love to be a person whose business is motivated by every single day being able to contribute to eternity right.

By loving people, by showing them the love that you yourself have gotten from God. I’d be so happy to work with you. I’d be so happy to just really just change that narrative. But you know what? What we’re doing is we are building a kingdom.

We’re becoming millionaires, so billionaires, you know what I mean? We’re becoming people who are focused on the long term. We’re focused on eternity ultimately. Now, one thing I will say here and now is that when it comes to you when it comes to you knowing what you’re doing, the quickest recipe for disaster, by the way, is seriously just deciding, OK, you’re going to do what you’re doing. You’re just going to drive, drive, drive. You’re going to do it for the money. I know, because I’ve been there. I know a lot of us have been there. And when that happened, really, I panned out quick, fast, absolutely. Everything was driving OK. But another the other way to look at it is to look at it is something that you were doing because you have a purpose, because you are being faithful to the to the gift and the skill you’ve been given, because we’ve all been given a skill.

We’ve all been given a gift. OK, so that’s it for today is just to share that this went a bit longer than I thought, maybe because of the sound problem in the beginning. But I invite you to just reach out. 

Let’s talk let’s discuss what that looks like for you in your life, being able to leave the lack of purpose that you decide being able to. And this is primarily in the area in their arena the vehicle that I’m choosing to live out. His purpose is, yes, you know, in life, but primarily through the vehicle of business. OK, so if you’d like to chat about that, just reach out to me the link. I will. I think I missed it.

Oh, I forgot to share a link to the OK, and choose what best describes you and then click through and I’ll tell you exactly how we can we can chat but let’s get on a talk and just discuss what it is that you want to achieve and how it is you can get the help to get there because our purpose is everything.

OK, thanks so much for giving me your evening or your morning or afternoon. Have a great one and be blessed.

OK, bye bye.

#5 The Daily: Speak To Everyone And You Will Speak To No One

#5 The Daily: Speak To Everyone And You Will Speak To No One

Jacqueline Tsuma

And we’re going to get going. Hi, everybody, it’s Jack, it’s over here and so good to have you on today. Let’s talk about how thieves don’t give. Hey, it’s a story I read, and I’m just going to repeat it for you here. I mean, this thing, that small town was having trouble with his collections. OK, so one Sunday, he announced from the pulpit before we pass the collection plate, I would like to request that the person who stole brother the chicken from brother Haviv, please refrain from giving any money to God because God doesn’t want money from a thief.

The collection plate was passed around, and for the first time in months, everybody gave talk about being super specific. I mean, today I want us to talk about how when you talk to everyone, you speak to no one. And when you speak specifically to people, that’s when you connect them. And, you know, this is a thing we all assume and it’s human nature. We all assume that, you know, when you’re general, as a person who wants to target clients, as a person who wants to you know bring people into your practice, that when you speak to everyone, you’re going to get more clients.

If we feel that being general, generic as opposed to specific helps us to get more people. But, you know, this is the truth, you guys. The truth is that being specific actually helps us to connect more to people. Right. Rather than being general. We think that it helps us to connect to more people. Well, being specific helps us to connect more to people, to those that actually need us. You know, if you come to think about it, the minute that, you know, when you when you have a problem and you’re searching for a solution, imagine put yourself in the client shoes.

You know, we have a very specific problem. You know what I mean? Um, I think when we first arrived in this country and we were looking for a place to stay, for example, um. We’ve been in covid broke out and we’re looking for online shopping opportunities, and so when we got when I got an ads in my in my feed that tool that said, hey, guess what, free online shop. I mean, online shopping, uh, delivery to any location.

I click, click through the eye and I quickly signed up and I’ve been a free for customer since then. You know, one of the supermarket chains here was offering that. And because those super specific. Right. I mean, about who they wanted to service, what service it was they were offering, um, if you’re someone who talked about this only a couple of days back, but it’s something that I really want to just emphasize even more like in this world where we’re full, there’s so many things happening around us, so many things vying for our attention.

As human beings, we have this thing that stops us from feeling overwhelmed, our brains automatically switch off, ok. Our brains switch off and just put aside the things that do not actually make an impact, do not concern us of the things that are not relevant to us. So you can imagine, is there more volume once more? That is very interesting. I see I’m going to add the volume and see if you can actually hear better, let me know if that’s any better.

OK, I’ve tried to add it a bit, but thanks. Thanks for letting me know about the volume. So the more that we the more specific that we are, the better that people are able to listen to us and hear us, OK? The more that people are able to recognize themselves in what we’re seeing ok? In this today’s system is going to be a really short one to teach this. It’s something that I have still no volume. That is very interesting.

What is going on with this? Uh. OK, well, let me know in case you guys are having a problem to hear me, because, you know, oh, tell me if you do hear me OK.

Now, uh, I think I seem to be getting a problem with volume for today for some reason, but let’s just keep going. I experienced that they. You know, I might have to repost this again later on, but thank you. Thank you, Patrick. Thank you for some for letting me know. Uh, yes. So when you experience this issue or I mean, when you experience this in your business, in whatever you do in your private practice, you realize how effective it is to just call people out specifically to tell them, you know what?

One example for me is when I talk about real estate, I actually speak with people who desire to, um, you know, invest and on the specific markets I speak to is diaspora investors, OK? People like me who live abroad and they want to invest back in their home country. And because of that specific targeting of the people that work with me, always know the kind of thing that I offer. And it has been one of the best performing outreaches that I’ve ever done in terms of reaching out to this type of people ok.

So it’s just I’m just the tip to you guys. Great. Thanks so much for letting me know that you can hear me. Is this a tip to you guys? I trust that you will be able to apply this wherever you and your business think specific, OK? Rather than thinking of parents, think parents with teens rather than thinking of, you know, elderly people think elderly people who worked in financial management for their careers, their whole lives, you know, rather than think, you know, what does it all sorts of different ways that you can actually specify your audience.

And guess what? How will you know? You know, best you know, the people you work with, you know, the people you get results don’t look too far. Look at yourself as a person that represents who your audience is. You represent your audience in a way, especially with the problem you sold for yourself. And now you help you solve it for your audience. OK, if you if you already have existing clientele, just look at that list of Chantelle and find out figure out who’s the person that gets the best results from working with you and just, you know, up that up so that this is a short time jacket to my business coach and investment coach just reaching out to you guys to let you know.

You know, if you’d like to talk more about how to grow your business, how to also make real estate investments at work, reach out to me. I’m going to put a link on the description and we’ll see you again next time. Over and out.