Hey guys hi how are you? I’m trying a filter actually I went live even before I decided I’m gonna use a filter but hey just wanted to let you guys know today is mind set Monday and I woke up like this y’all.

I did. No I actually wanted to talk about how do we deal with you know how do we deal with the Monday blues you know Monday blues I mean everybody talks about Monday blues right I mean I’ll be honest with you I literally was working with my laptop on my bed for what until about this morning.

I’ll be honest I mean just getting out of bed so I go now you’re near this Monday so I wanted to talk hey let’s chat about it.
What do you do to help yourself get keep motivated, keep going, keep on point, keep on track no matter what and I wanted to share with you my tips actually because I’m sure you know I have the luxury to be able to just have my laptop on my lap and be able to just do stuff, do what I need to do but you know sometimes you probably maybe you’re bootstrapping, maybe you’re still going to the office every day and then you still have to work on your stuff so how do you keep motivated doing it and that’s actually one of the reasons why I thought that mind set Monday is perfect because it helps us think about what are the things we’re doing to get ourselves to where we want to be even when that journey feels like such an uphill climb or it feels so hard or we just like goodness.

There are those days you guys you wake up and you just don’t want to do anything, you don’t you’re like I just want to sleep I just want to do other stuff you know I want a bit of me time and a bit of self-care time which is important definitely you need to take care of yourself definitely but now when you and you need to get up and go out and do you know game face on and all that stuff what do you do so if you check in say hey because this is an unplanned live.

I just decided let me go live and they say no but I go live actually at least two hours before this let me see yeah at least two or three hours before this time normally but I thought I just give this a try today.

So my tip for you when you’re not feeling like getting into the for a when you’re when you need that extra pick-me-up these my tips for you and I think the number one thing is that you need to do the number one thing you need to have in places that you need to have a system in place already.

It doesn’t matter what it is you do you know you could be at home and you could be you know you the thing that you need to do is get your kids out of the door in the morning and get them back in that lunch or whatever time they come back.

I’m assuming that you’re here because you’re actually building your business so at the same time you’ve got the things that you need to do you get done around the house but you’re for the things you need to do for your business or for the idea that you have in your mind.

So have a system and this helps me a lot because whether or not I want to get on a call with anyone or whether or not I want to know today I want to reach out to new contacts, set up something, put up an email yeah but if what you need to do is you know just get things moving get things going you know that it really it depends on you you’re the one who’s doing it.

So the number one thing like I said it’s just have a system and what I mean by system is that you have something that you the actions that you take will lead to the results that you want okay and a perfect example and I was even talking about this today this morning with my accountability partner and you know learned behold they actually had the same thing oh my goodness it’s Monday so it’s actually a perfect time to plan an accountability session because Monday is a time when you really need this extra pick-me-up and I always get such a buzz after talking with her and sharing tips and just you know exchanging our goals for the week so we can keep going the ones that I planned yesterday example that we can we know we are on track and we know we’re gonna be able to you know feedback on to each other next week so… have that system.

The system that I was speaking of like you know when I when I share my goals this morning with my accountability partner and I want to show you guys today it’s just a system that you know gets you number you know it either gets you the client calls you need in order to close clients or it gets you the views or impressions or visits or hits that you need on your product page, on your sales page, on your post about you know selling this particular thing so the views that you need to your whatever it is whatever it is that you’re selling or you know a system that that gets you maybe you’re in Events Management right so you need to probably the your process of getting to the place of having a client is that you need to be letting people know about what your events provide letting people know about the kind of things you’ve helped people in the past with regards to the events.

The kind of outcomes you’ve gotten people you know so you want identify the first step in your funnel it could not it might not be the faster but once if they did were actually the steps in your funnel then you need to make that into a system example for me I know that the steps in my funnel – for people to go from not knowing me to getting on a phone call with me in order to explore working together is number one either they watch a video of mine which I put out there and I put out a number of videos like either from anything from seconds to minute and those are the those are the perfect length of videos that I found really gets the most engagement.

You know people have time to watch them they feel like it’s not too much they can actually commit to that so that’s the number one we can just get people to watch a video of my and then and then the system that what the next step that it moves them to is to engage to re-engage with me through so I do either a retargeting ad or maybe they’ve joined into this group right here which is completely part of a funnel that I have. So it gets to the next so at the more the first step is that they’re you know that connection they’re learning about me then the next step is that I want to come I want to get them to commit so either you know sign up for a challenge, joining the group, joining the group then sign up for a challenge watch a video series, or watch a webinar so when someone has given me the email address then that’s the you know that’s second step right and then the third step is that you either get on a phone call with me and sign up for program or you get a photo with me and find out a bespoke service that I can offer you to help grow your business.

Whichever it is so there’s all those different things but the final thing the final please I need people to be is to get on a phone call it could be to get on a phone call I might actually open up I’m thinking of a new way as well for people to work with me which would be less hands-on and which would be more of just really providing that information that you need for those who maybe don’t have too much time you just want to get everything that they can get everything that they need let me say real quick so this would be one way.

I mean it’s something I’m working I’m putting together so I hope you guys would you know just stay tuned and I’ll be telling you about more about that probably might be available I think towards the end of this month you know so because a lot of people actually asked me so that’s that would be another way to actually get into the funnel where so what I’m doing is I’m helping you finally get to the place where you have your business and what you’re doing is you’re sustaining my business right because at the end of the day to be a business you need to be making an income right.

So that’s the number one way out they just have a system have a system let you just get going and you know what you guys also share the comments below what do you use as a pick-me-up when you’re not feeling as motivated and you can’t get the actions out that you need to get you know the great thing about having our system is that it really ran without me in the mix.

I mean my retargeting my email sequences those will run without me in the mix you know it’ll be click so it’s all based on interaction from the user okay so the minute that you engage in the video next thing is you know you’re seeing my ads about my webinar and then always seeing ads about my video series or about my blog or my challenge and then the next thing is you’re getting your joining in you’re actually getting to engage and participate in it.

So tell me what your system is that you used in your just in what you do what system are you using and I hope that I’m you know, I’m not missing any comments what I’ll do is I’ll try and pull this up as well on my on my computer so that I can be able to see sometimes they don’t show up as I should yeah so that would share with me what do you what do you use to bring in the clients that you need even when you’re not able to get into the action that you want to be getting into like even if you’re not you’re not going to mind set to do the things that you need to do okay so that’s number one.

Number two I’d say it’s just you know using the power of affirmations the power of just positive thinking and focusing on what your goals are rather than on your how do you call it rather than on your on your broad blocks or on your challenges because the truth is and I watched something today that talks about how whenever you get a point of feeling any kind of stress and you know stress is it is it’s how our body will cope with situations which maybe are you know the induce fear or they induce whatever this stresses us out but our body’s way of coping and of course it’ll induce that cortisol that reaction in our bodies that okay you know that fight-or-flight you need to you need to get going need to get moving so the video watch for sharing how you need you when you experience stress what you need to do is then replace that with gratitude it’s amazing just that that’s the just a thing of thinking about what I’m really grateful for.

Wow it’s totally mind blowing like when you’re feeling any kind of stress about what you need to do and thanks for checking in hey let me know in the comments where you’re watching from because I kind of I can see you try him.
I don’t know who it is so just let me know so that I can say hey and give you a shout out so stress makes you feel it actually takes away your capacity to contribute effectively but in order to over overpower the effects of stress change then immediately replace that with gratitude so think about other things you’re grateful for I mean I think every day I’m so grateful to be able to work from home sit in my home office and really engage with people all over the world you know from the organization’s I’m consulting with to the people that I’m helping build a funnel to that’s something that I’m grateful.

So when I pull that up as something I’m greater grateful for then it immediately becomes something that helps remove the stress from me and I already begin to then I mean actually brings the what you call it brings the motivation back so another thing that you do number two is you focus on gratitude you didn’t create your gratitude at least you know the one that you keep better said every bit that you say you’re thankful for things you’re thankful for that you you’re constantly just you know they always forward front of mind and by the way it could also be also you it could also be your goals that you focusing on it might be the you know cultivating the attitude of gratitude towards the goals that you have the privilege to be able to focus on because not everybody has a privilege to be able to focus on those goals.

Hey awesome Primrose welcome so not everybody can be able to give time or space to their goals so just gonna grasp you that well I’m some blowing away God that you enabling me to focus on being able to build my business focus on.

I’ve been able to grow my kids to focus on being able to grow my just really my may reach my impact so those two the I think if you ask me how do you deal with the Monday blues what how do you get your mind set right is number one okay get have a system in place because the system will run whether you are or not.

I mean it’ll just it’ll be or not a pilot and number two develop that this is positive affirmations develop an attitude of gratitude just unlock use that like the key that unlocks the motivation when you’re on days like today for example when you’re feeling oh goodness this is crazy you know like on a Monday by the way it’s very overcast for me today I should show you guys I want to be able to see it okay but there’s no Sun and I’m sure I’m always so amazed at what happens it’s literally raining.

I don’t know if you can tell but it’s actually raining outside so it’s no surprise that in literally the mood the mood goes according to the weather sometimes so for all my peeps who are over in in the UK and U.S as you guys head into summer I mean into autumn and winter yeah these to you guys I mean literally a lot of sending a lot of Sun and warm wishes for you so please type in the comments let me know what are the ways that you use to overcome, lack of motivation in what you’re doing just type in comments let’s learn together let’s interact and thanks for checking in Primrose and everyone else everyone who watch who watch on the replay do type and say hey give me some love and share your comments what do you do number one to overcome just, not number one, what are the things that you do to overcome a lack motivation especially on a day like today Monday if it’s raining or overcast where you are yeah awesome see you guys next time have a great afternoon.