Hi, it’s Jackie Tsuma here, business and investment coach. Now we often find ourselves operating on assumptions from time to time that really proved to be wrong from square one. I recorded a video for you here:

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Like the new salesperson who was carrying a very important looking pile of documents and walked over to an office employee who was standing by a paper shredder. And he asked, ‘Can you show me how to operate the machine?’ And the other man said, ‘Sure, just flip the switch to turn it on, then put your paper in that slot. That’s all there is to it’. So the salesman said, thanks, he followed the instructions, then turned and asked, ‘Now how do you set it to make three copies?’

Ahem, I don’t want to be that salesman. How many times do we find ourselves doing exactly that in our businesses? Playing it by ear, going by guesswork, not really having a clear plan or the knowhow needed to implement our lead generation of business growth strategies?

We do it all the time. I remember as a brand new business person, I was trying to look up all these tutorials on YouTube, and I was trying to read all these guides and special reports and watch all these master classes.

But guess what? None of it worked, not for over three years! Until I actually bit the bullet and decided to get help from experts. And so I’m starting this Daily Show, where I’m going to help you with quick actionable tips. We’re going to take about five to ten minutes every day and just sit and chat about where you are at and what it is that you’re trying to achieve for your business.

This is for you, by the way, if you’re in private practice, you’re a professional such as a doctor, a dentist, a lawyer, a real estate developer, an architect, an accountant, you name it. Anyone that is a professional in business and runs a private practice.

Or maybe you’re a small to medium business owner. Or you are an entrepreneur. You’re the leader of your company. You probably have got no more than, let’s say, five to twenty employees. I think that would qualify as small to medium. So this is exactly where you need to be over the next few days where I’ll just be coming on and sharing with you really actionable tips. 

Now, let me tell you the number one problem I’m seeing a lot of our clients have from day one. 

You see they have a really great idea, right? They know that. Or maybe they have a really great skill and a really great service. And they know that what they do is exactly what their clients need. They are able to solve the problem for the people they serve. The people get amazing results and they always send people back to them through referrals. Talk about… ‘Hey, I told my sister, I told my brother’. Or maybe they have a business and people have kept asking them, ‘Hey, you know what? I really need your help. 

And so they get a lot of referral traffic. The only problem is it’s just not scalable. There’s absolutely no way for them to be able to get beyond just that immediate circle of their siblings or their relatives or their friends that they went to school or college with. 

And this is going to mean the death knell for their business, isn’t it? Even for your private practice, if you cannot get beyond referrals and really have a way to get you steady leads into your business, you are going to miss out. Your business is going to be doomed from the start. And I say this with the utmost of care, because you know what? I know what it means to have a business not work out because you were so excited. And then what happened? You just didn’t manage to get enough sales. Sales is the lifeblood of your business. Let’s be honest. Having clients come in and selling is the lifeblood of your business. And if you’re not doing it and if you’re not managing to do it, then it doesn’t look good.

But one way that our clients are finding that is helping them go beyond this and really extend the lives of their businesses and enable them to actually grow it, grow their effectiveness, grow their reach is through being able to automate their lead generation. Being able to reach people beyond those in the immediate circles. Being able to get clients from the far reaches if they’re able to service their clients remotely. But also for those who have local clients and are able to actually reach everyone. Every single person within reach of their business knows that they exist. And not just knowing that they exist, but doing it in a very powerful way. That leaves them top of mind at all times. 

So the long and short of it is you cannot build a business without a clear lead generation strategy. Oftentimes this does involve paid advertising. But what’s the problem that they face when they realize that? It’s that they think it’s just, ‘Hey, you know what? I’m just going to click boost on this ad and this post that I made, on this promotional post. Let me just boost it because I’m being told I can put five dollars on this a day or five dollars on it over the next week. And I’m going to get people coming and signing up or registering’. 

So they do that and then it’s crickets after that. It’s like, ‘OK, I boosted this post, but nobody is biting’. It’s literally tumbleweed . So what do they do, they think that the ads are not working and they turn them off, right? Well, a couple of things are wrong with this, because: 

Number one, first of all, they kind of just went with a suggestion of, ‘hey, this looks really popular, why don’t you boost this’ and they did that. However, they didn’t really think specifically about who it is that they actually want to target, to reach, to put that post in front of, whether on LinkedIn, whether on any other platform. Who do they want to target? They didn’t think about that. 

And then the second thing they think about is, ‘How will they know the effectiveness of that ad?’

I’m going to give you one tip that will enable you to get people to see your ad and be really interested and actually engage with it. Once you do decide to start putting ads out, this is a tip. You’re going to kick yourself by the way, when you hear it, because you wonder, why didn’tI ever think of that? It’s so simple. But this is the truth of it, guys, when we’re doing something and when we don’t have an expert.  

Experts come to simplify things for us, that’s what they do.

They’re taking something that can feel so complex, feel so abstract and make it practical and make it simple, make it doable. This is a tip.

Whenever you want to reach out to specific people and reach out to potential clientele, just look at who your existing clientele tends to be. Who do you serve best? Do you have parents with children who are in the age range from, I don’t know, zero to 13 years?

Or do you serve only elderly people? You’d really want to have a clear picture about who it is. Do you serve young women? Do you serve couples in their mid 40’s? Who do you serve? Because often you will have an idea of the type of people that come, your best type of clients. Those are the demographics to use in order to now target your client specifically. 

And you do this by putting it in your post like, 

‘Hey, parents do you know how your teens are doing with regards to their teeth? When was the last time you took your children for a dental checkup?’

It could be a lawyer. ‘Parents, when did you last check your will?’ 

You’re really calling them out in the first sentence of the post that you’re putting out there? Maybe you work with the specific clientele, this is what you do. You put the specific information that will call them out in your post that you’re going to put out on social media or that you’re going to boost. And so that’s a very powerful way to do it. Just call them out literally. Oftentimes in that post, you can also use an image that will actually grab them. You understand? If it’s a parent with a teen, have a parent with a teen on a photo there. Or if it’s an elderly person, take a stock photo of elderly people walking. Look for something fun, something colorful. But this is actually a really powerful way to call out your client and make sure that you are reaching the right person, the person who needs to hear what you have to say.

That’s it for Tip # 1. 

Tip #2 comes tomorrow, come and tune in here https://www.linkedin.com/in/jackienjagah/. We are going to be talking about, once you’ve called out this client, how are you going to reach them? One of the things that you can do to reach this client. 

That said guys, I’m just going to be honest right now, a lot of people hear these things and think that it’s super easy to implement that. Just to be honest, it’s not super easy to implement them.

I’ve been doing digital marketing and my background is actually Computer Science. I’ve been doing this for years with all sorts of organizations from the international ones to the small and medium enterprises. One thing I can assure you is that it’s not easy. It may be simple, but it’s not easy. You would find that the thing that you would presume would work today suddenly stops working in a week’s time. And that time you’re down at a couple of thousand dollars because guess what, you’ve been pumping money into this advertising strategy. 

So what I would advise you is seek expert help? Just like you wouldn’t go and try and perform a surgery on yourself. I don’t advise you to go and try and do this on your own.

If you’d like to reach out and find out how we can work together to get you going, then come and take a look at just I’m going to put a link here on how you can reach out and just learn more about what we’re doing, because we do help small and medium businesses just like you to get going from working with whichever budget that you want to work with and with whatever kind of scale that you’re comfortable to start with. Click here to get started https://www.jtconsultingdigital.com/letstalk

OK, so reach out to us and I’m gonna be back here tomorrow. And we’re going to be talking about the next tip that will really help you pump up your digital marketing.

Have a great rest of your day, 

Jackie Tsuma