Your Way Out of Working Too Hard To Get Results!

Your Way Out of Working Too Hard To Get Results!

Almost 89% of heart attacks occur on Mondays because a lot of people are going to work, to do things that don’t motivate them, that don’t psyche them up, that doesn’t really excite them. Therefore it’s important to talk about how to be motivated.

Jacqueline Tsuma on how to be motivated

In my experience, the best way to be motivated daily at work is to have a life purpose for which your work fits into.

Feelings are visitors, and so when you think of the upcoming new week and you are dreading it, or feel as though you’re constantly trying to get things done without much success, this feeling is normal. It is a phase and it happens to everyone.

At this point motivation is a need because Monday should not be a day when we are like: “Aargh, woe me, going to work in a job/business I dislike.” This means you should not be draining your mental/physical strength to get work done but yearn for the excitement that comes with working a job or owning a business that gives the dopamine rush when it is time to work and get something done.

Striving is common to all, although well-doing African female entrepreneurs believe that business or work does not have to be a daily struggle. I relate with this because for a time my business was in a phase of being pushed daily with great effort to get mere results, such that, within two-three years into my business I reached rock bottom that I had to ask myself why I kept doing it. It was a great reminder that that wasn’t it! 

You may want to make a difference or some money, and everyone feels this way, but there exist upsides and downsides to stressing yourself: the output of a great product, attainment of a feat, the depression of not reaching a height, and the pain of never being recognized for hard work. If you are mostly pushing all the time in order to attain or achieve without even resting, it is not great at all. For jobs/businesses can be simple, enjoyable, fun and without stress, especially when it is something that you love, motivates you and gives that dopamine rush when you think of it.

Your preliminary motive for working so hard is foundational to how you ever get into this twist. Personally, I was chasing money rather than the purpose or impact that I or the business could have on people. And so, whenever the money was absent, I came down crashing till I hit rock bottom. Yours could be chasing recognition or belonging or security.

There will come relief, through a redefining moment that occurs when it will no longer be about how much you could have made or what can be attained, rather it will be about the impact that you or the business would have on the lives of people. This way, your businesses will become an effortless activity to look forward to doing and can be done without any challenge. This is not unique to anyone and can be true for you. For I never guessed or imagined there would ever exist a day I could sit, do live streams daily, be good with it and keep it going.

You can get to this bliss state too! A place of business that is effortless: when you have the right kind of help, know the right strategy, have connected with your purpose, your belief, your faith and have become mindful of what God has put you on this earth to achieve. 

Although giving up can be easy, to the point of throwing in the towel and saying, “I’m not going to do that anymore,” your personal life or job can feel like nonsense to you, so much that you feel worn out. Hence, being truly motivated means to be connected with your higher power, to know what it is that God has put you on this earth for and define what will keep you going every day. 

Reaching or sustaining your bliss state is possible when you are in a place of growth by means of learning daily and being able to express your true self without making any excuses. For this is what it means to live – to grow and change daily. Without this, it becomes hard, menial and dull work or just going through the motions. An activity that never motivates or inspires the soul. 

Nevertheless, your satisfaction will be secure, when you reconnect with your purpose, which depends on the tiniest detail that matter the most because life is too short for you not to have a family, share a memory with a loved one or do what you love most. So, wherever you spend the most time and put in your energy must be effortless and exciting. 

Lastly, a reality check-in:  How are you feeling about the type of day that you’re going to have tomorrow? How do you feeling about starting the day? Do you feel like it’s going to be a great day or do you feel the drudgery, the stress, is your body already tensing up? What are you going to do to make it change, to make a difference? What do you think that you could do to just really go back to that first love? What is it that is helping you connect with your purpose at the moment? What is it that can help you connect better?

If you want to have a chat, please reach out to me. It is Let’s get moving on the things that we know we are on this earth to achieve because time is running out. Have a great start to your week!