How To Market Yourself Online And Explode Your Business

How To Market Yourself Online And Explode Your Business

Here is How To Market Yourself Online.

Ignore These 3 Things And Your Business Doesn’t Stand A Chance

Give them their due, and you’ll be singing all the way to the bank

A few days ago I had a very enlightening Business Breakthrough session with a young entrepreneur. They’ve been in business for 5 years but have not been seeing the growth that they wanted to see. And the main thing they knew they should have been doing more of, without a doubt, was marketing.

It reminded me of my family’s recent Easter trip away. We decided with only 3 days to go that we needed a break from the grind (I don’t recommend this to anyone, last minute holidays are not as sexy as they sound). We bought the tickets and booked the place to stay only 48 hours to our departure, it was like a scene from the Fast and the Furious! Now, usually when booking a vacation place I’ll window shop like mad before I settle on one. We’re talking, TripAdvisor, Airbnb and Expedia — which is my absolute favorite for flights, but thats another story. The thing was, this time for some reason I made a bee-line to Airbnb and booked on there. Later on, once we arrived at our holiday destination, I could not stop kicking myself. See, I went back on and found many other places that would have been a great fit for our family and at a much better price point. I had classic buyers remorse. But what puzzled me was just why I did not look at the other sites like I usually did.

We rent out our vacation home Upani in Diani on Airbnb. We actually get at least 50% of our bookings on Airbnb, so I am always on the site, in one form or another. Responding to enquiries, sending enquiries or checking out the competition (you know you do it too). So when I needed to rent a place for our family’s holiday, it was natural to go back to Airbnb, they were “top of mind”, as online marketing experts like to call it.

Never mind that their deals may not have been the best ones price wise. They were top of mind. And there-in lies the power of marketing.

You want to be top of mind for all your potential customers.

In fact there are three things you can’t ignore if you want your business to flourish. Whether it’s only just getting off the ground, or you are deciding if you will take a new path. These three things are your Mindset, your Message, and your Marketing.

And the greatest of these is marketing. The way in which you will share the other two with the world.

I credit Mike Kim for this particular lesson. He has the number one podcast in personal branding on iTunes. I recently attended an online bootcamp that he put together and it was phenomenal. You should totally check it out on his site if you get a chance, it’s amazing. In the bootcamp he outlines these 3 things as the main pillars of your success as an entrepreneur and I 100% agree with this since it represents most of what brought me success in business early on.

Marketing is the reason that Trump made it to the White House despite not being the most popular candidate. He was undeniably top of mind. It’s how you will let your customers know about your products. And get this — it even trumps price when rubber meets the road and your client needs your service like yesterday, pun very much intended! Plus do you doubt that the world listens when he tweets?

The number one way of being top of mind with your current and new prospects is social media.

In one month alone, I got 14.8K tweet impressions of my content on Twitter in Feb 2017.

Here is How To Market Yourself Online.

I consistently see that the more I tweet, the more I’m seen, the more I remain top of mind. And thats money in the bank. In fact, tweeting is how I got my first coaching client. They were not yet on my mailing list, but they followed my tweets, liked what I had to say, reached out and hired me at our first meeting.

But what if you don’t have time OR ideas on what to tweet? There are really great tools available out there that help you 10x your results on social media with 1/10th of the effort. Some of my favorite ones that I use everyday are Buffer, and Canva. Not a week goes by that I’m not fiddling in Buffer, creating recipes in or creating graphics in Canva. What I love most about these programs is the ability to ‘set it and forget it’. You can decide on your content for the week, queue that content up, and then sit back as it drip’s out to your social media accounts.

Another product that I just started using last week is Missingletr. I got it through a great deal from It auto-generates a years worth of tweets and LinkedIn posts with images and auto-queues them for you. And did I mention it was automatic? Since your time is money, and getting in front of people means money, this will both save you and make you a ton this year.

It may not be available at the life-time offer I got it at by the time you read this but do head on over to for other great deals that will super charge your marketing.

And do check back for my next post about the next of the 3 things that you can’t afford to ignore.

To your success.