One of the things I enjoy about being an expat is that I have learned to travel light.

Give me 30 minutes to pack my bag for a week vacation and I will do it with precision, perfection, and efficiency.

But sometimes I revert to my old “I-must-carry-everything-I-own ways”. You know the ones, when you have packed two full suitcases for your beachside vacation and end up never even opening one of the suitcases. Or you have carried everything and the kitchen sink in your airplane carry-on then can’t get it to fit in those little overhead luggage compartment, to your chagrin and that of everyone trying to get past you as they board. 😳😳

One recent relapse of mine comes to mind. For my birthday, my husband treated me to a surprise day at the Skin spa for a full body treatments and a number of beauty treatments. That was simply divine. (Hint to husbands: Anything that can get your wife some along pampering time, DO IT).

He told me to carry 5 items.

I ended packing 10. At which point he reminded me about the list he had sent me. So I reduced what I had packed and ended up forgetting one of them.

In my mind I was imagining he was whisking me to an overnight solo getaway retreat. He is my biggest advocate and is ALWAYS telling me to plan one for some “me-time” to just get away from it all and just relax, plan, dream and refresh. So I thought he had decided to take matters into his own hands and drop me off at an unnamed location for a compulsory retreat.

The Spa day was much MORE fun! Sigh.

But back to my packing story. Here I was packing a full bag, and he was just smiling secretly to himself at how overboard I had gone.

So he had to intervene. And that got me thinking.

Are we simply just carrying too much baggage with us in life? Are there truly really only a few things we need?

A GREAT attitude and mindset. An OPEN mind. A CARING soul. A good WORK ethic. A SUPPORTIVE community.

We travel with too much, don’t know when to let go of things and then we end of letting go of too much.

Need to get back on track with your real estate investments? Carrying too much baggage and feeling like it’s bogging you down? There’s only a very FEW things you really need to get success and we know WHAT they are and HOW you can get them.

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