The Painless Way to own a home in 2017: Find, Buy, Rent

Join us for this live webinar event & discover how a simple strategy can help you buy a home and have it paying for itself 100% within 1 year, even if you have never owned a property before.

Thursday, January 26 6:30 PM GMT+3 Nairobi Time

The Webinar

There has never been a better time to own a home than now. The cost of credit is at an all-time low, and property prices are dropping every day. Come and learn why you’re missing out on a lifetimes opportunity if you are not buying a home in 2017 and the 3 things you must know  to find, buy and rent your home to have it paying for itself 100% within 1 year, even if you have never owned a property before...

Jacqueline Tsuma

CEO, Founder, Upani Homes

A private property investor whose portfolio will reach US$1 million within the next 3 months. Learn the tips and tricks Jacqueline has picked up from going through 3 property purchases in Kenya and that can save you thousands of $'s when buying your first property. Why struggle when you can get these simple tips to make it painless, stress, and as save you money that you can put into your dream home.

Micheal Njagah

Architect, Property Development Expert and Project Manager 

With over 15 years as a practicing architect, from managing sizable international projects in the luxury hotel industry to project management of large hotel and accommodation construction in Kenya, Micheal is sharing his tips and tricks that industry experts know and use to get high returns on their investments.  

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