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Learn From The Mistakes I Made So You Don’t Make The Same One’s


Why I Spent $400 On A Webinar Software That I Never Used 

I had just started my online business and had a bad case of shiny object syndrome. Which meant everything that everyone said I needed for my business I got. That’s the worst way to make business decisions, by reading sales pages. Because we all know that sales pages are meant to sell.

Don’t Make The Same Mistake I Did

I get it, I was there too. When starting out it’s easy to second guess yourself at every turn. You wonder, maybe if I just got that, or the other. I’m here to tell you, STOP!

There are only really FIVE important things you need to get your business online. And that new-fangled app that signs your checks is not one of them.

Just Imagine Being Able To:

  • Cut out the noise and focus on the MOST important things you need for getting your business online
  • Save on tons of money because you knew what was important and what was not
  • Work like 5 people by knowing which tasks to automate and which to focus on
  • Get yourself online and visible, FAST and CHEAP, without hefty web developer bills
  • Hire staff that actually help your bottom line

…And that’s just for starters!

But Is Fast and Cheap REALLY As Fast and As Cheap As You Say?” You May Be Asking

It’s even more than I say

I’ve spent over 15 years developing websites for a living, and before that I spent 4 years learning how to do it in a university programme. So yes, I know what I am saying, and I mean what I say that this is the fastest and cheapest you will ever get any website up and running. Without needing to know a line of code.

And Not Only That, But:

I know trade secrets that a lot of developers don’t want you to know because as soon as you learn them, you wont need them anymore and they’ll be out of a job. See, I WANT to be out of a job, because I’d rather teach you how to do it than do it for you, so its a win-win.

And there’s more:

  • I’ll give you the EXACT tools I use to get my sites online and FAST that a beginner could do starting today.
  • I’ll show you how to not only make use of multimedia to promote your business naturally, but also how to cut down your content creation times to mere minutes
  • I’ll show you top industry automation tools for everything from social media to project management
  • I guarantee you, apply these principles, and you will save a minimum of $1000 in web development and video editing products and services

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Jacqueline Tsuma
I’ve been working for myself for over 5 years and for most of that outside of an office. Learn the tips and trips I used to grow our family property business that is self-sustaining and start an online business that reaches over 5,000 of people in the area of health and fitness. Most of all, learn how to do this yourself.
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