Writing Samples for CIRDA by Jacqueline Tsuma

  1. Consolidated Response on the Modalities, Conditions, Advantages, Disadvantages and Experiences of Setting up an Allwomen Political Party, compiled and edited by Jacqueline Tsuma while the Junior Knowledge Management Officer at iKNOW Politics, in 2012  http://iknowpolitics.org/sites/default/files/cr_all_women_political_parties_en.pdf as can be confirmed by Piyoo Kochar, IKNOW Politics Content Manager.
  2. Blog on How I Got My First Job At The UN And Lost My Second One (Tips For Your Early Career) by Jacqueline Tsuma https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-i-got-my-first-job-un-lost-second-one-jacqueline-tsuma?trk=pulse_spock-articles
  3. News article summaries on preventionweb.org edited and posted by Jacqueline Tsuma while the Content Associate at UNISDR in 2015. I was solely responsible for posting all news content on the site, access it via this link -> http://www.preventionweb.net/news/list/#hits=20&sortby=default&view=pw&filter=unisdrcontenttype%3A%5E%22News%22%24%0D%0Ayear%3A%5E%222015%22%24 as can be confirmed by Sarah Wade-Apicella, Managing Editor of Prevention Web.